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I'm selling my pretty much new 31x10.50x15 tires an wheels. They are on my jeep cherokee now, so i think thats the 5x5 bolt pattern. Im new to the jeep world . They are mastercraft courser axt. The wheels got a little rock rash but not much. Still look good. I'm just looking to upgrade to a 33" mt tire is all. So trades are welcome. May sell separate also. Asking $700 obo I'll post pics soon as I can.
Need a wash job also.
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I'll get em washed up an post em tomo. Trying to refigure this web page again. Ever since it got redesigned I've never liked it. That's why I've been vanished for years . not user friendly but maybe its just me. Can't post pics unless they are 0x0 quality .
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By axleater
the old format doesn't exist anymore so this format replaced it. Sooo much easier to use now! just gotta use the new and forget the old!
Ya I'm sure its easier to use just gotta figure out what's best to use. I do everything from my phone. So like posting pics an stuff they are to high resolution so I need to resize but then look like junk. I know there is a way to do it better I just can't remember how I was doing it.
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