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By jimjamn92
So im thinking of entering my 87 cherokee. lockers front and rear with 4.10's. out of all the trails at the challenge. how many are pretty much tube chassis 4 wheel steering trails.

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By axleater
they are all the same trails that are on the map with a couple of permit only trails added into the mix. If you add a winch you would be considered a "6" which would allow you to run all but the hardest trails.
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By axleater
captain is ridiculous. there are no out's on the trail so once you are in you are committed to the end. Bring the best stuff you can. Any attempt at Captain should only be taken after you are able to accomplish any and all of the other trails without difficulty or breakage. I try it once every couple years with a small group of great friends with even better rigs and plan on an all day event! ( i think i winched 57 times the first time i tried it with a fairly capable and very durable rig) There has been a long standing reward at the challenge for anyone that can make it through captain without winching; a full size candy bar of your choice; it has never been handed out.

Cheerios is a permit trail only for now which means you have to get a permit to run it like we do for challenge. The lower section is challenging but rated a solid 6. should have a winch for sure though. Upper section is kind of like captain only at a 45* angle up hill. I would not want to try it with a body rig. I am sure there are some out there that could but most who have run it either have 4WS or put it on after running it!

There are sections in Hal Johns that are equally as difficult as anything in the Hills. Go to the nut roll on full size and look over the edge. That section only gets attempted by the most qualified drivers and most capable rigs.

Suprise and U-bolt are also permit trails that are short but seem to generate more than their fair share of broken parts.

T-back and Bikini are both in that 8 rating range and have a little something to trip up just about any rig. We spent the last couple years mapping and signing both trails so they are easy to find and follow along. Bring a winch and a sandwich and get an early start if you are going to try both trails.

There are many more permit trails that we are working on with the forest service on a continual basis. With any luck they will make it to the map and be open to the public in the next couple of years!
By jimjamn92
57 Times! that is crazy. my rig is a long ways away from 4 wheel steering thats for sure. so how long do i have until the next challenge?
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By axleater
The Dakota territory challenge has been held over labor day weekend for the last 30+ years!
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By axleater
And you should definetly join in the fun!
By jimjamn92
sounds like i should have time to get things straightened out then. do i need to be street legal or can i trailer it?
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By axleater
Street legal makes it a lot easier, just need insurance though
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