Have a vehicle build or question, post here!
By allgonoshow
Mid engine big block. Gonna be tight in there. The front two cylinders will be past the firewall, the rest will be in the passenger compartment.
By allgonoshow
The picture is set at 112'', so that is what I am going to shoot for. 114'' max.
By allgonoshow
Just don't mess up the patina on that cab.  It is awesome.

The patina is not going to get touched. I am not painting all of the frame/tube work either. It will get left to the elements so that is matches the cab. Thanks for the props guys [smiley=beer.gif].
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By Stevsie
Oh man. Too cool! Sounds like it will be something you have to have a full beard face mask and an up to date tetanus shot to drive. Modern old school badass land crushing sole crusher should be the name.
By allgonoshow
Thanks man! I am currently trying to decide on what seats to run. I would like to run suspension seats, but I just don't think they will fit. I guess I am just going to have to tough it out. I think I am going to build my own seats.
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By c10long
+1 with the tow mater theme. This thing is gonna be awesome!
By allgonoshow
I made a big order from ruff stuff. 7/8'' heims, misalignment spacers, link tabs etc.
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By axleater
I like dan, great company to work with
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