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By allgonoshow
Wife took this picture while I was eyeing stuff out. You can see the gussets I cut out and welded in.

By allgonoshow
Oh yeah, I am a member over there but don't post much. I have already decided on building my own bomber style seats [smiley=beer.gif].
Sweet seth. Gonna be a cool ride. Nice conduit work in the background dude. ;D oh an epic beard to BTW
By allgonoshow
Sweet seth. Gonna be a cool ride.  Nice conduit work in the background dude.  ;D oh an epic beard to BTW

Thanks man, that was my first try at wiring a building and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, just buy stuff and start wingin' it. [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif]
Some inspiration for you  :o

That exhaust needs some engineer work other wise pretty cool.
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By twfuller
Nice inspiration shot.  The Jeep grill has to go.  It would be cool if you could do something with the original 37 chevy grill or similar. Oh yes you also have to add wrecker boom etc in the back to complete the Tow Mater theme.  It would also be helpful to recover other people's breakage.  Like dragging Nate's Smi out of the trees.
By allgonoshow
I agree, the jeep grill has to go, it is cool though. I am unsure whether I will be able to use the wrecker idea, there isn't much real estate available on the back end. I do have the original grill, but there isn't much left of it. I might cut it down and see what I can come up with. I rolled the axles underneath it last night. Exhaust for this will be in the form of 180 degree headers or two collectors into one type deal with a single muffler, or something like that. I am hoping to dump it out the side of the cowl somewhere.
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By axleater
Updates please!
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