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By allgonoshow
I am building this 79 with parts that I have acquired over the years as well as parts from my old wheeler. Specs are 79 f-150. 466 BBF, C6, np-203, 10.25 rear, dana 60 front, 6'' skyjacker leaves in the front, stock leaves with shackle flip in rear, front axle moved 5'' forward, rear axle moved 10'' forward, racing seats with harnesses, sheetmetal dash with autometers and pushbutton start/toggle switch ign. I will be building my d-shafts as soon as I get to Rapid to buy the reciever tubing. 1350 and 1410 yokes. Crossover/highsteer arm is in the mail. Reciever hitches front and rear with removable 12K winch.

Sorry no pics of the 79 before I tore into it. Here is a pic of my frame and running gear from my old 70 F-250 RIP :'(


After grinding off all the rivets and moving my axle about 10'' forward I drilled some holes and got the springs set where I wanted them

Here it is with the weight on it and the 10.25 bolted underneath

Now it was time to tear out the suspension and d44 out of the front

After boxing in the front of the frame I welded in my spring hangers and front crossmember. I will be adding some bracing/gussets on the outside of the frame also.


I then bobbed about 18'' out of the rear and welded in some channel Iron I had laying around, I will try to get a side shot soon. And yes I will have 4 grade 8 bolts holding the hangers on.

Unfortunately I have deleted alot of pictures but I will keep you guys posted on forward progress.I know this rig is pretty rough around the edges but remember I am trying to keep this as low buck as possible and just have some fun with it. Hope you guys enjoy!
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By axleater
don't you worry about rough around the edges, give it about 4 hours trying to follow the panty dropper and you won't even know it was ford anymore [smiley=beer.gif]
By CowboyKyle
ummm ok....
Basically they're saying full sizes don't fit on 90% of the Black Hills trails.
By maniak_mike
I bet if I got a run at it I can make it fit...

You are welcome to try...but afterwards you'll probably wish you didn't waste your time even mounting a body on there...
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