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By axleater
bumps [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
By allgonoshow
Took the kids and the truck to town today and drove them in the homecoming parade. They had a lot of fun and threw out a lot of candy. I also got a weight on the truck. Any last guesses?
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By Stevsie
Going with 5,375 dripping wet.
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Its the thread that won't die! We should get some guys out to your place to wheel Seth...
By allgonoshow
It weighed 5720 with 2 full propane tanks, high lift jack, and tool box with a few tools in it. I think it would be around 5650 without the highlift and toolbox;
where did you have the parade? town I guess. the kids will probly remember this one for a while. sound like it was a good time by all 2. what you thinking for bumps?
By allgonoshow
Parade was in Kadoka, I am thinking maybe the daystar bumps? polymer type inserts, not sure. Maybe I will drop some coin and get some hydro bumps.
Just for your information My Little Pony has crushed daystars everything. I think brain had daystars on fat ron and he went thro those like they were not ment to be actually used kinda way. dig in the sofa and find some change and get some good hydros, they will suit your needs way more then the poly's. after going thru 3 sets this year on the pony I went back to factory ones and they are holding up better then the aftermarkets. haha Just got some humor for the daystars(they get bumped then stop working. lol so true

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