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By axleater
I forgot how short your wife is!
By allgonoshow
Haha, I think she might be a little taller that one of my buddies that owns this cool scout buggy though [smiley=grin.gif]
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By Stevsie
And prettier... lol
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By axleater
maybe it's just the new board but, I don't get it?
By Seth T.
Ok well I think I have decided to keep the truck because I will never get enough money out of it to justify selling it. So I am undecided as what to do with it. I would like it to be more of a dual purpose rig. Either be able to use it on the Ranch or be able to drive it to town if I want. I also would like to make it fit the kids and wife. I am thinking about cutting off all of the rear tube work and fitting in a bench seat. Will a 51'' wide suspension seat fit 3 small children? I imagine it should. What about when they get to be teenagers? Option B is to tear it down and build a buggy from scratch, which I really don't have the time for right now anyway, plus the added cost and downtime, but in the end will have a much better product. Any and all input or advice is greatly appreciated.
By pineappletuna
I can put 2 car seats in my 40" seat so I would think that 51" would be enough for three kidds without the carseats and I hear ya you never get what it's worth for a toy
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By axleater
i vote buggy, build it right next to the old truck and then take a weekend and transfer the parts over. Put a column shifter in for the automatic and cable shifters in for the t-cases then you can have a bench seat in the front and the back to haul the whole tribe! I always wanted a bench seat in the sperminator so there would be comfortable seating for 6.
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