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Do those d rings go clank clank on the trail........

I got four of those on the crawler and you don't hear them as much as you would think. If you slide off something and feel like a jack azz then it is followed by the clank, reminding you that the voices in your head are right lol
Be sweet for the hi lift to hook into an jack up the truck! ;D anyhow I like the look of the 2x3 or 3x4 square all bent up an retroed in ! Think I might build something like that fro the front of my truck ! Just a little mini one in front of winch! Oh an I seen your truck out front of Napa today on my way up to terry peak Dh ;D
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By Stevsie
Just bought two front housings for 200, didn't have the option to just buy one. Anyways, i'm planning on building a super axle with one of them. Starting my parts collection now.
Here's what i'm thinking:
Longs with upgraded hub gears.
Full gusset kit with diff cover
trunion eliminator kit
6 shooters
ARP studs for everything
Going to get a hydro system set up also.
Maybe adding some armor here and there, not going to shave it though.

Going to use my high pinion diff with my gears, My rotor swap of course, and high steer. Obviously haha

Is there anything the toyota gurus think that i'll need also?

Doing this cause i like the width and the clearance toyota axles have. I dont see myself with more than a 40in tire on my truck, ever so i'm thinking that if i do this right i'll have a pretty bullet proof setup. I dont plan on doing a huge motor upgrade or any kind of power house anytime soon. So i'm thinking this will work.

Starting my collection now. Hopefully have it built by summer. For now i'm going to throw some longs in my axle thats on my truck now so i can wheel. Still looking for smaller tires for the time being also.
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By Stevsie
Hoping i can get this done, my front narrowed, ditch my bed, build a temporary rear untill i link incorporated into a cage. Build a baby bumper and get a winch all by Next years challenge.
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By axleater
It will have alot of scrub and hard to steer which is why the 6 shooters are mandatory to keep from breaking the knuckles off. longs are great but 40's will be over the limit to try and give you any sort of damage free llifespan.

stick with 38's or less and that axle will give you a lifetime of happiness!

don't forget, every trail in the black hills can and has been run with 35's [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
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By Stevsie
Yeah thats why i said no more than 40's
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By axleater
Yeah thats why i said no more than 37's

fixed it for ya [smiley=beer.gif]
40's on a Yota without fullsize axles is out of hand [smiley=cheesy.gif] I've always had 35" an stepped up to 37" an its been awesome! I would never go bigger unless I had a full on buggy to get super wicked wild in! But its your truck man someday maybe I'll get 40's on the truck but I will have full size axles an a motor swap by then.
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By Stevsie
Okay ready to update!! I finished my tunnel a few weeks back. Welded two shifter plates together to make one that had three slots in it. Tuned out pretty nice since i was able to cut out the change/clutter collector and put the shifter through it. Also recovered my center consol lid which I do once a year.

I have rcv birfields to pick up from twisted in the morning. Then headed straight back home to the shop for the install of those. After that's done I'm doing some fender trimming front and rear and dove tailing my box a little. Hopefully there is still enough box to work with ha lots of good ol yota rust to play with.
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