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By Stevsie
Yeah the gap looks good on it. I'd hit it with the impact and call it good honestly haha
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By Stevsie
Are there any threads showing on the other side of the nut?
By adamK1500
Are there any threads showing on the other side of the nut?

Not quite, its almost there, and the pitman arm os not quite fully seated on the splines.
By adamK1500
I torqued the pitman arm down, called it good and went for a drive! I was having do much fun, i forgot about the hole in my radiator ::)

After a brief visit to the tropics i got it home fine.. next step is the vooling system
By adamK1500
Quite a bit has happened since last time I posted. I got new tires a little while back and finished installing my propane conversion this afternoon! I know everyone's heard it a million times, but i'm very impressed with the kit from GotPropane. Easy install and my truck runs MUCH better now.

Next on my list is lifting the rear to level the truck out. I'm having a hard time figuring out how much lift I'll actually need. If I put a level on the bed I only need half an inch to level it out which doesn't seem possible to me. the fenders don't seem to be on the same line either.

Does anyone have any tips on how to measure the amount of lift you need?

Link to a few pictures ---> https://trello.com/c/TPq3DXvD
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By axleater
if the tires don't rub you have plenty of lift!
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By Weasel
park the rear end on a piece of 2x4 and see how it looks level wise. Or any pieces of scrap wood. Once it looks right measure the height of the scrap and there you go. Doesn't take much 1/2" could be all it needs.
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