Have a vehicle build or question, post here!
By adamK1500
Nice man...  does it run [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
Yeah, runs and drives. 5.2 V8, 4WD automatic. the transfer case is going bad so it make a clunking noise but the motor runs really well. and it has almost 60k less miles than my sierra!
By adamK1500
Back from the dead! I finally got the hi steer and steering box weled! I just have to run the lines and fill it up.

Does anyone know of a specific torque fir the steering box bolts and the hi steer linkages? If not ill just snug them down.

I also need to presd the pitman arm fully on. Do you just tighten the nut until its there?
By adamK1500
All of the problems from my last post have been solved except for getting the pitman arm on. I can't get it to fully seat...

I am also wondering what high pressure power steering line you use. I can't find one that is the right length. Any sugestions?
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By c10long
Not sure on the pitman arm. You could get a custom made line. They're really not that expensive.
By adamK1500
I'm gonna stop at hydraulic world tomorrow to see if i can get one made.
The pitman arm is confusing me though, i don't want to force it on if its wrong. I can't f [smiley=lolk.gif]ind a big spline or mark that would make it so it could only go on one way.
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By axleater
what kind of pitman arm is it? post up a pic !
By adamK1500
Pitman arm from trail gear. I can't remember what year the steering box is.
By adamK1500
I got my hose made today too, only problem is that the fittings are the wring size. The measure the old one and everything >:(
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By axleater
that pitman arm looks fine....what about it does not seem to fit right?
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