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Well the green weenie got some much needed protection! I've manage to finally sneak in some time to do some tube work on the ol green machine wit some help from my buddy cmurder! Turned out ight!! Still needs some more tube done to it to finish it but a good start for now! Probably finish it in like 5 yrs from now! Ha ha here's a few pics! We made it fit pretty tight an I had to get the Hammer out to custom some sheet metal from side to side to make tube fit! But I ain't sceered!
Out n bout chasing lions an checking cameras!
Ya man madd skillz fo sho! U should see him run a grinder! Ha ha [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif] I'm gonna b cutting the front off at the fire wall an dove n it in a few weeks from now after holidays! So I'm gonna b hunt n this badass down an doing more tube work! I got some pretty cool plans wit the rear to!
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By axleater
make sure you add a little tube above your doors from the windshield back to "b" pillar so you have a little something to slide on trees and rocks that isn't your door and roof [smiley=beer.gif]
Ya this is tru buddy! That is a good spot to hang up on for shur! We did it like that for something different! I will throw a tube in der with a dimple hole plate from windshield to piller in that corner! Should do the trick! Thanx for the heads up cause I tend to drive on that top side a bit! ;)
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By axleater
i spend alot of time sliding on tree's
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