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Oh man I bet nates steller stoked [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif]

Fun time wheel'n yesterday!

Almost turned into "real-deal" NITEKRAWLN

nate and i were back yard nite crawling, where are the pics??????

I got some pics of course dude!
On a side note we got the front pretty much buttoned up! Shock loops got built an everything is welded an snagged a battery box from twisted an had to build a spacer deal to work with my battery . Its mounted up front bout where I had it strapped on the frame! Fits nice an snug in der. Also built a mount for the power steering fluid box to mound to! Have some wiring to wrap up an few more little things an mount a led bar in front so I can see when its almost a NK run! Pics to come soon of the progress! He it is on the trail an a few sneak peaks ;D

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By axleater
that's it, i'm not sleeping til the cow is back in action [smiley=beer.gif]
Ha ha u might get tired but after 3 days its normal an u are zombie! Ha ha one time I stayed up for 4 days an I slept for a day an a half! It was so weird waking up an like wow I missed a day!!
Here is some updated pics an we also did some tube work on the doors! Still have more to add to the doors but a good start!

Few fun pics last weekend!

Start n to think its a tree huger more than a hugarok ;D

Few more!

These are just cause dh is so fun to [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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