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By axleater
nice work!
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By Stevsie
Good idea on the white stripes. Its turning out to be pretty cool. Cant wait to see it on tons
Good idea on the white stripes. Its turning out to be pretty cool. Cant wait to see it on tons

Ya man I think the original stripes in white with lime should look ight . Also I'm bout ready to sell my yota axles an get started on the one tons. Only thing is once I do I got a lot of work to do before I can wheel again. My front axle is a Ford Dana hp 60 which is on the wrong side for toyota. So I either need to cut it an flip it of get another Dana 300 (also for front dig wahhoo) an do a flip kit on it. So my main plan is to get my axles ready to go under the truck that way I can still wheel until then. Then sell yota ones an get gears an lockers for the 60s. Soon tho man I can't wait..
Looks sweet are you doing any skins on the front or door bars ?
Ya I plan on skins in the front an some kind of skins I think once I finish the doors. Also once I get the one tons on the axle is moving forward a few inches so it should center up good on the fender tube work that is done now. See how they turn out. But the double bar on the side of back cab is gonna get a plate with some dimple holes on the upper part , should look good.
Got some fender skins mocked up an a door skin. I'm kinda dig n it. Wat do u guys think of em?? I thought the door skin would make the truck look to long but seems fine. Next winter after I wheel this summer an rear skins are messed I'll make the door an rear all one piece. :question :question

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By c10long
Looks good. Throw some cup holders on the door and go for it!
Wally world sells those ones I could just hang on there.. Ha ha [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
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