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By sl1ck01
I have a bad vibration coming from my rear driveshaft and from the info I got from this forum I was told it would be fixed by installing a 1410 joint at the tcase how easy is this to do and where is the best place for the parts to do it?
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By axleater
http://www.driveshaftsuperstore.com/Tra ... _yokes.htm

these guys are even making high angle 1410! there may be others out there as well.

you will have to get the driveline redone to match of course.

would be a good idea to go with the same size yoke on the pinion end as well.

Or, the cure that fat ron has been wanting it's whole life is a high pinion rear end. solves the driveline angle and gets the shaft up in the air and out of the rocks!
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By axleater
This of course does not make the driveline completely vibration free, the rear end is tipped up to help keep the driveline out of the rocks. in order to be completely vibration free you need to have the u-joint angle equal but opposite angles.

this of course isn't ideal for rockcrawling so it's a compromise of angles to put up with a little vibration and have less rock vs driveline conflicts.
By sl1ck01
I was on that web page the other day looking at what they had and I also found where I can just get the top part of the driveshaft slip yoke 16 spline so i dont have to repalce the entire driveshaft will this work?
Yeah I figured they are out of most people's price range I would say if you want a high pinion the cheapest option would be to find a high pinion dana 60 front and have it set up for the rear or flip the knuckles around center the diff and get some rear steer while your at it
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