Have a vehicle build or question, post here!
By wyojeeper
I have a chance to pick up a unmolested 88 4runner with a supposedly blow 3.0 head gaskets. It has zero rust. I got him down to $800. Worth it for a decent 4runner? I will post a link to his craigslist ad when I get off work. I can do engine swaps, just wondering if it's worth it to put a 3.slow back in or maybe a 4.3 v6 or step up to a ls engine.
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By Stevsie
Its has a chain tcase and options for doubling that are skim. I wouldn't bother with a 3.0 reswap. I'd jump to a 4.8 or 5.3 GM motor. Do it once and do it right. Honestly I'd keep looking for something with the solid front or something that has a 4cy tcase and all that.
By wyojeeper
Not a lot out here that hasn't been beat on or jimmy rigged. Plans are to set it up for South Dakota wheeling for next year. I am going to put money down today on it.
By Ryan283
I like it.

Those have always been a cool looking rig.

Toss in an LS and rip.
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By axleater
there is a sweet 4 runner for sale right on this board!!! the build is also on this board. already set up and is in really good shape.
By wyojeeper
That's a very nice 4runner but a bit out if my price range. Hope to be bringing that other one home this weekend.
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By Stevsie
Goin to post up a build thread when you get it?
By wyojeeper
I plan to. Hoping to get the majority of the work done before I move to SD.
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