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By Nightcrawler
My 1990 4runner has a 3" lift that was installed by the previous owner. He put new rubber on before selling it to me, and I'd like to keep the tires in as good of shape as possible, which looks to be near impossible due to the positive camber that this thing has in the front.

I've searched google and random forums on 2nd gen camber issues after a lift kit with no specific info on this line of rig. Anybody here able to offer any suggestions or input?

Hoping it's as simple as getting some camber bolts or just taking it to a good shop (any input you can provide on a good alignment shop would be appreciated too). I'm also aware that it may need new UCA's though... and, since I'm not sure the lift brand or type it leaves me wondering which UCA set would be best (without breaking the bank completely) - any input is appreciated. I can attach some photos if it helps too. Thx
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By axleater
Is it just an upper ball joint spacer or actual drop bracket "lift kit". Post up some picks and I can get you headed in the right direction.
By Nightcrawler
Because I'm still trying to figure this forum out, I was unable to get multiple pictures in one response. Also looks like they are huge photos, so you may need to click on the image to view the full frame.
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By axleater
there are adjusters on the lower control arms that will get some of that back, if you max them out and need a little more you will need to lower the torsion bars to give you enough adjustment. take it to royal wheel alignment. they are great with these sort of things and reasonably priced
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By axleater
after you save up your money you can get a total chaos gen III caddie kit that will take care of all your problems and let you jump it too!
By Nightcrawler
Ok - thanks for the input. EXACTLY what I was hoping to hear!

Also, that Total Chaos Gen III Caddie Kit is the baddest assed thing I've ever seen. I don't know you, but I feel like I owe you a slug to the shoulder for showing me that. This rig is going to cost me a fortune... lolz
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