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By axleater
as long as it turns down behind the last opening door or window it will be. otherwise exhaust fumes will make their way into the cab area via any way they can. And on an old Jeep there are plenty of places for it to get it in.

you can buy a brand new pre-bent tail pipe for your jeep pretty cheap or go to bob's muffler for cheap exhaust bendo action.
By cdawall
it should be fine then i used the section i cut out to put it out behind the rear door. might post a pic later.
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By Weasel
I had mine in the same spot for about a 2 weeks. It droned way to much, got super annoying and there was some fumes getting inside, not alot but enough to notice. Mine was turned down after the rear axle.
By cdawall
its turned down at the back of the rear door. the drone is nothing now it was running open headers before...
By cdawall
What would ya'll rate this with my 8.8" rebuilt LSD reshimmed (semi locker), D30LP with a yukon airlocker, 33" TSL's?
By Ryan283
What would ya'll rate this with my 8.8" rebuilt LSD reshimmed (semi locker), D30LP with a yukon airlocker, 33" TSL's?

I'd call it a first-rate XJ. [smiley=smiley.gif]
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By axleater
Difficulty 4+: Larger then stock off-road type tires and 2 traction devices required; body armor recommended; Vehicle damage likely

Difficulty 4:  Larger then stock off-road type tires and 1 traction device required; body armor recommended; Vehicle damage possible

by defenition that truck would be a 4+.  now keep in mind you would still have relatively short tires and really weak axles to be considering running a real 4+ trail. 

for example:  I could put 2 real lockers and some 33's on my 4 runner.  It would be just fine for ice man, but I would not make it through the first obstical on kong without desroying my rockers and 1/4 panels.  by the second obstical my steering would be wasted, and by the 3rd my clutch will have taken a permanent vacation! 


a stock jeep rubicon with an auto trans, a mild lift and 33's should be able to make it all the way through without a winch!

the ratings are just a guide, lots of other things to take into consideration when choosing what trail you and your rig will be comfortable on [smiley=beer.gif]

get out on some runs with some of the old guys. Ice man is actually a really good trail to learn on. not really hard most of the time but lots of little 4+ places along the way to play and challenge your ability's. Once you get a little seat time on some harder obsticals then it's time to move up to some of the harder trails!
By cdawall
Taking this

Adding this

And hoping for something like this

By cdawall
red x?
They are all working for me. Which photo is a red x?
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