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By cdawall
Trans is stripped down father in law is taking the valve body with him to work so his transmission guy can take a look but as of now it looks like the internal shift fork may be bent.

Cool. I remember when Scotty bought his new ecoboost for pulling his bronco.
How's he like it? Mine won't be far off max tow weight with my normal junk in the ranger. Tows fine now which is about 7k but with both spares and the belly armor that will only get heavier.
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By Weasel
I think he sold it and bought a Dodge. ;D ;D Nice truck, cool engine!
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By axleater
the only real bummer you will find towing with the eco boost is the gas mileage. Works good if your girlfriend has to pee alot though!
By cdawall
36 gallon tank in it and they seem to get 10-14MPG depending on what you are towing still isn't to bad IMO. Beats the superduty without a trailer.
By cdawall
Well I have found what's broken on the rangers transmission. It snapped the end of the patking paw off in the tailshaft housing. Unluckily I can't pull the chunk out from the front and have to pull the tcase and tailshaft housing.

There might also be something wrong with the cable, but I am working of that weirdness.
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By Stevsie
Are you going to be at challenge this year?
By cdawall
Are you going to be at challenge this year?

Will still be in Houston unluckily. Tried to schedule it out to be up there, but the new house wont be ready yet...
By cdawall
Getting the ranger ready for some kind of wheeling. 5R55e will only have the selections P-R-N-D/OD off, but I feel like that is plenty for wheeling.

Got the shafts mostly together.

The ujoints were missing one cclip and I managed to shoot another one across the shop to la-la land. Both diffs are draining overnight to be filled with some fresh oil in the morning. Oil looked ok there was a little water likely from sitting 6-7 months while I was deployed.

As my luck would have it I was in the middle of pulling the passenger spindle off and the power kicked off to the garage. Fuses were good (swapped them with new ones and still bad). Had to call the land lord as even flipping the breakers at the meter didn't fix it. Oh well I didn't want to lift that big heavy tire again today anyway.

Hopefully there will be a quick fix tomorrow so I can get everything swapped in and drive the truck around a bit to check everything else on it.
By cdawall
Working on it going to have to clearance either the shafts or knuckles to clear the new shafts...
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