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clearance the knuckles, that way new shafts will always fit. a round sander on a drill tends to work well at this farm fabrication location.
By cdawall
I already took the smidgen off the shaft it was close so I just ground the couple mm off.
By cdawall
Yea got bored and started up again on it :p shafts are in on both sides have to pull one of the lockouts back off to find out why its not locking. Diffs are still apart and trans is still apart...
By cdawall
How can you tell if a spindle is damaged? The new hubs I got won't lock/unlock on the passengers side which is the same side that I had trouble getting the spindle installed on the knuckle.

I did pull the hub apart a couple of times and everything is smooth until the collar is installed around the part around the shaft. Then it binds on install and won't allow the spring to push it back forward.

Anyone hav any ideas?
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By axleater
what kind of trouble did you have getting the spindle on the knuckle?

what kind of lockouts are you using?

i have seen where a bent housing or severly worn out ball joints would cause the axle shaft to not be in line with the wheel hub which causes difficulty in getting the spindle and or lockout installed.

does the inner shaft look centered in relation to the axle tube?

how does the torrington bearing inside the spindle look?

take some pics so we can get an idea what you are up against
By cdawall
Will get some pics up when I get home. All of the bearings looks fine, shaft looks foreward in the spindle, using yukon hardcore 35 spline lockouts, the spindle didn't want to go in straight it would line up on the top and back side bolts but the foreward lower two were off slightly. The mating surface that slides into the knuckle was obviously crooked and required a little persuasion to install flush. It is full installed and flush.
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By axleater
take a look at your inner axle shaft going into the housing. if it is not dead center in the tube i think you have found your problem.
30 spline stubs and regular lockouts will tolerate a little bit of non-straightness.

35 spline stubs and that style lockout take up any of the extra space that allowed the smaller shaft tolerance and will give your a scenerio similar to what you have described here.

of course it could be something completely different too.

if it all looks happy and straight, try swapping spindles from side to side to see if you have the same problem, if it swaps sides with the spindle then you have a bent/ damaged spindle
By cdawall
Will do todd said to but the tire on and put weight on it as well. It could just be sitting funny.

Inner axle shaft looked fine as well.
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