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By axleater
gotcha, I hate working on dirty greasy stuff. There is usually a can of engine degreaser and a power washer involved in the beginning of just about any little project.
By cdawall
Motor is held up by mounts now. They still need to be braced and boxed, but I wanted to see how much the coils drooped. The bolts are obvious fitment bolts not the final product. Couple of the welds could have been better on the second pass, but I couldn't get them to come out clean.

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By cdawall
Weasel wrote:Thats a big motor.
It fits though. Hell the hood might even clear, the trans fitiment is a bigger issue.

Oh on another note who has done push pull cables on an np205? I may need some help with those the doubler case is clearanced for the forward shift rail of the np205, but its just not something I want to mess up.
By cdawall
More curious if anyone has diy'd one behemoth has a kit for this set up specifically if I want to buy one.
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By axleater
Seth has a 205 doubler, not sore if it is cables or linkage though.
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By axleater
What's the progress update on this thing? I was hoping to see it at the new years run!
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