Have a vehicle build or question, post here!
By cdawall
axleater wrote:What's the progress update on this thing? I was hoping to see it at the new years run!
Worked on getting the transmission in today. Have been helping other folks with their projects and mine has kinda sat on the back burner.
By sicbronconut
Just say no! I hate to be a #@&% but I get folks that weekly ask me to work on something for them I just tell them I don't even get time to work on my own rigs so I'm not going to get really excited about working on someone else's stuff when I get to a point in my life when my projects are finished I'll be more than willing to help anybody out. my $.02
By cdawall
As soon as my cobra is painted it is back to work on the ranger. I may need some help here and there (someone who as assembled a doubler and done cable shifters would help alot).

But for a slight update I have the truck side harness out of the super duty. I will likely be ditching my BCM from the ranger and swapping to a full custom gauge setup. Building a center console to hide the giant hole in the floor and house the tri shift for the doubler.
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By axleater
What happened to your car?
By cdawall
14 year old paint looked like junk, some hail dents and the front bumper was trashed when I got it.
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