By rkwrthy
Let me know what you got. Used, rebuilt, performance, etc...
By pineappletuna
I got a 4l60e with a broken case and monster Trans internals that had one wheeling season on them before the case fell victim of dtc 2015

What happened to yours?
By rkwrthy
Must be some clutch problems. Towards the end of the trail, it was smoking a lot, lost reverse and quite a bit of slipping in forward gears. had to let it cool down to get out of the trail.

The trans was built in the past, so it might just need to be freshened up.

I've heard that they are mostly the same. Is there any differences between the 4l60e other than electronic? How did you crack your case?
By pineappletuna
I think they are mostly the same other than the valve body and I think they run a planetary with 4 pinion gears instead of three for strength but not 100% on that and I was hammering on the belly skid real hard on tback on the second to last obstacle and the way I had it mounted bent enough to snap the tail housing off it still drove out just fine it just leaks on hill climbs hell I even did the hard line on the last obstacle with it cracked
User avatar
By axleater
frames garage in whitewood has forgotten more about automatic transmissions than most of us will ever know.
By rkwrthy
Yeah, I have always heard of Frames Garage.

Alex, I'll call you sometime to talk about your tranny.
By sl1ck01
I took my Trans to Frames when I put the reverse drum through the side of my case and they did a great job getting me back on the trails great people to work with!!!
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