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By Weasel
There has been some talk of dropping the CB's for "race" style radios. I have one handheld that we have been playing with. Range he hit when we finally got the settings straight was 12 miles, fairly flat terrain. This was 5W handheld to the 50W unit I have mounted in my truck. ... g+UV-5R%2B

Som have asked for info on the handheld so here it is. My Dad bought the 40 dollar version which is just the UV-5R. The one above is the "Plus" version. Not really sure what worth the extra 10 bucks. Maybe it;s just the manual that is easier to read.
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By rats
Nice. Your ears must've been burning. We were talking about this last night and I was going to PM you about it.
By missouriman
what is the mounted one in your truck?
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By rats
Do you think this is capable of communicating from one end of Camp 5 to the other?
The price is right for sure. I assume these frequencies are legal without licensing?
What' model is the 50Watt in your truck?
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By Weasel
Yaesu FTM-10R is in my truck and soon jeep. For no-license you have to run in the MURs frequency , 152-155/156 mhz ish range. I'm not sure how the race teams do theirs. BFG Relay is 151.715. :-? You can also run on the FRMS and GMRS frequencies but you are "supposed" to limit the transmit power to 5 watts.

I don't know on the camp 5 canyon. The short wave should bounce through fine but going up and over probably won't work.
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By axleater
If I buy one will you teach me how to do all that stuff you just said?
By blitzkrieg
Sorry to bring this one back up from the depths but I was just involved in a discussion about that particular radio (since I have one also after a bunch of us in the trailheaders have bought them)

I was wondering if you could provide me with some information on how you are being able to use them without a license. Everything that I have been able to find while searching states that it requires a license. The main thing that is requiring the license is the fact that at the low power setting, it still transmits at 1 watt, which requires a license from the FCC for GMRS which can be received for $90 and good for 5 years.

I'm hoping you can lead me to some information that states others in order to win the discussion at work.
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By Weasel
Don't run GMRS. Use MURS.

I don't know of anyone that ever licensed their GMRS radio. That is the talk about radios that Walmart sells thousands of.

As for the wattage they might be over spec but the FCC isnt running around checking that.
By blitzkrieg
MURS? Ok thanks. I'll look that up also. The discussion at work was trying to find something that we could use and be legal doing it. The problem being the transmit wattage and required license because of the wattage.
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