Introductions & Chit Chat: Keep it Clean
By TJMike
Hello everyone,

It looks like I will be moving up there from Georgia in the spring or summer. I'm looking forward to getting out of this humidity and back to the mountains where I don't have to drive 3+ hours just to wheel!

I have an 05 TJ 4.0 6 speed 231/300 doubler and 44/60 f/r. Long armed, stretched to 100", on 37 in red label krawlers.
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By Weasel
welcome. how does 15 minutes to wheeling sound? pics of the rig?
By TJMike
Thanks! It sounds amazing, just like it used to be growing up in western Colorado. I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas! haha.

For some reason I am having a gomer moment and cant get photobucket pics to post.
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By axleater
Welcome to the board!
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By Stevsie
Welcome! Where will you be moving to exactly and where will you be workin? Most places it only takes about a half hour to get to somewhere that you can drop it into low and have some fun. You'll love it up here. Plenty to do and see! 8-)
By TJMike
Thanks guys. Ill be working on Ellsworth. I haven't decided where exactly to live. We are looking at houses in Rapid Valley and Box Elder. Any advice on places to avoid or good places to look? School quality is important to us as is having a decent yard along with a shop or a three car garage, which seems common up there.
By TJMike
I don't mind a drive if the area is night and the schools are good.

PS, what in the world am I doing wrong with the pictures? I am using the link from photobucket but the forum gives me an error saying that the "dimensions of the picture could not be determined"
By sicbronconut
Looking to buy or rent? my wife works for one of the larger property management companies in the area so she could help out for buying or renting.
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