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By cjmatt
Well I'm now qualified as a locomotive engineer :D . After my daily driver/POS became unreliable I needed something reliable and was kinda looking when I came across a car I liked. I now own a 2013 Jetta TDI with some lowering springs, wheels, tinted windows and a computer flash giving it another 35 HP and torque. I am really liking this car. Sadly the Jeep has been stuck in the garage since I haven't had much time. I miss the club and the wheeling.
Stampede Pass
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Columbia River
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2013 Jetta TDI
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By axleater
Looks like life has taken you in a fantastic journey! You should get that jeep out there and give it some exercise!
By Ryan283
Nice VW !

Too bad you had to swap the cummins out of your tow rig into that dumb train.

Makes sense though I guess 8-)
By cjmatt
While the Cummins is a close match to what I have in the train it doesn't quite get to that 4400 HP mark. On those trains I think I was using a couple other engines too including the one on the rear so I was over the 12,000 HP mark. :-) Wouldn't it be great to be able to move 1 ton of freight 500 miles on 1 gallon of gas with the Cummins?
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