Introductions & Chit Chat: Keep it Clean
By Lonny
So the forum has changed on me from the black and red format to the white and gray. Does anyone know how to change it back?
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By Weasel
It's in the user control panel. Click your username in the upper right and click change password to get into the user control panel.

The new features and add-on can only be applied to one 'theme'. So this is the one I will be updating as it's the latest, newest, etc.
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By Weasel
Ha no, if you like it better that's fine. This is just the default one.
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By Weasel
I'm got several updates installed and this one works alot better on the phone then the previous version did.

For example the pages and numbers are much better and you can easily switch just like you would on a normal computer!

The notifications seems to work as I already got email from this thread.

Working on getting the layout's complete.
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By Diacom
Looks like the "prosilver" setting is the only one that is supporting wide screen mode. The other two both collapse to the middle of the screen with blank space on both sides.

Lonny, It does not appear that you can change back to the prior layout, only one of the 3 new ones.
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By Lonny
After stumbling through this, I'm now on the phpBB format. Very similar to the black screen, but lighter colors. I'll play around with this some more. Thanks Weasel!
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