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By BrangerII
Just curious if anyone has some steel tubing or pipe that I could borrow, rent, buy, whatever for a small project...

The county is requiring me to move a 10x24 shed exactly 12" so that it meets the minimum space requirements near property lines before they will approve the building permit for my shop.

Sooooo... my plan is to pour some concrete, jack it up about 2-3", and set it down on some pipe, tubing, etc and then roll it sideways. Sounds easy right???

Anyways I need some pipe that won't get crushed by the weight of a shed and all the junk inside it. I think like four 10'ish pieces would work well, or 12', or whatever.
twfuller wrote:It would be easier to go out at night and move the lot pins 12" the other way :-)
Ha! That could have been an option but the zoning department insisted on coming out and measuring............

Hi-lift won't work, there's not really a place to jack from...I think I have lifting part taken care of, I am cutting some holes through the frame and inserting C channel all the way through and lifting with bottle jacks on both sides. I tested one corner and it lifts effortlessly.

Posts/round timbers may be the way I have to go if I can't find any round pipe at the scrap yard.
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