Introductions & Chit Chat: Keep it Clean
By redleg37
I go by Red online. My family likes to do some light off road driving. We started with a lifted YJ Wrangler that we had for about a year before it caught on fire. We had a great time with it. When it finally died on us we replaced it with a JK Wrangler. We also just replaced our other car with a KL Cherokee Trailhawk. We live near Piedmont, SD. We are probably within 10 miles of TH 144 and are looking into exploring it in the near future.
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By Weasel
Welcome. Lots of us in the Piedmont area, I'm over in the Stage barn neighbor hood. New Cherokee's are sharp looking rigs.
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By twfuller
Welcome Red. Sounds like you have a couple of nice rigs for the Hills. JKs work very well in stock form and can be transformed into Awesome rigs. Trailhawks are well equipped for traction but have some painted surfaces pretty close to the rocks. We had one with us on some easier trails at Challenge last year and it did well but left quite a bit of paint from bumpers and rockers on the rocks.

The Piedmont Fire Trail is a fun easy way into the Hills. Raspberry Ridge, Moses Hill and Polo Peak are trails that you could probably handle with both rigs. I haven't been to Polo Peak for several years and it can get grown over and scratch paint. There are also lots of easier trails that we haven't specifically rated.

You are always welcome on our club runs especially the ones we call intro runs. Show up at our club meeting next Tue 7:00 at the Canyon Lake Senior center and meet the club members.

Again Welcome to the forum
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