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By Snakes
Hey BH Wheelers! A few years ago I decided that I was deprived in my early driving years of having a MONSTER TRUCK! Sooooooo…... I bought two - because you all know the only thing better than one giant money-pit and time-suck is TWO!!

Meet Sarge (yes - the kids named him after the old Jeep in Cars): 1986 Chevy K5 CUCV M1009
SARGE.JPG (18.15 KiB) Viewed 1236 times
And meet Snakes (wife named him - I think it's hilarious): 1984 Chevy D30 CUCV M1028
SNAKES.JPG (14.66 KiB) Viewed 1236 times
Long story short, I got a little over-anxious in making them big and tall without knowing a lot of the technical details of what makes a really great off-road vehicle. Now that I've done more research and reading (Pirate4x4, etc.), I have plans to work them over into true trail rigs and getting them out there to see what they can do.

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By axleater
there is a lot of bad info on pirate........ and some good, Just got to sift through all the "look at this crappy thing I did for really cheap" kind of stuff. they both look to be a good start of some fun times! Where are you from?
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By Weasel
welcome, not to dampen your dream but low lift and bigger tires is the way to go. Monster trucks are cool for jumping cars! And yeah grain of salt with Pirate.
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