Introductions & Chit Chat: Keep it Clean
By Ryan283
Oh snap !!
It's time again boys and girls.


Yep, King of the Hangovers.

I'm in. It's happening. Camper reservations are firm. Flight confirmations exits. Vacations request forms have been sent,,,,and authorized. Cash is allocated. Quads accounted for. Topper purchased.
Boom. It's on.

Plan so far:
I'm leaving Friday morning EARLY, and dead-heading to Vegas via my RAM hauling a trailer-load of sand-toys. Crash in shit-tastic Vegas hotel that night and wait for Sebert to land in the morning.
Sebert lands @ McCarron airport Sat. AM. Then catches a cab to the RV rental place. We then rendezvous at Walmart for food/drink/supplies.
Then pick up Brian from the airport and head to the lakebed. Set up camp and chill. Start the week long adventure of riding quads, cooking on coals, setting by bon-fires, watching King of the Motos, then qualifying, then EMC. Then finally the big race.
We'll be on the lakebed from Sat. night through the following Friday night.. Six full days of desert sand and fun.

Pretty sure some other Black Hills people are planning to go as well.
I know Brian is hauling his toy-hauler.
Weasel is in.
Pat is probably in.
Maybe 4WS
....and who knows

Should be fun.
Post up if you've got any intentions of going.
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By axleater
Sounds like plans of hauling sand toys in the Taj Mahaul and picking up a couple hitch hikers along the way.
By Ryan283
Sneaking up ...... :-)
By Ryan283
Leaving later his week.
Anybody else need a ride post up or pm
Few rigs going. Couple seats open
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