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Hey guys! I'm an experienced Jeeper from Colorado and I'm planning a group camping trip to Black Hills National Forest this summer. I'm having a really hard time finding information anywhere other than the USFS websites. I always like to get away from the crowds by taking a moderately difficult road out where I can do some dispersed camping. (Campgrounds are just awful!) I'm hoping someone here can help me out with tips and tricks, and I'll be happy to repay the favor with my knowledge of Colorado four wheeling!

Here's the nutshell version:
- I'm tentatively aiming for August 19-21 unless someone tells me that isn't a very good time of year
- We'll have a lifted XJ Cherokee and a stock 2016 Cherokee Trailhawk, and possibly a 2015 Tacoma TRD
- There will be around 5-8 of us, four of whom are experienced campers
- We'll be driving from Denver and will be planning to camp the first night we get there (so it can't take 3 hours of four-wheeling to get there)
- We have absolutely ZERO experience in Black Hills, so I'm completely up for any recommendations y'all might have!

Thanks guys! I look forward to hearing some thoughts from y'all!
I appreciate that! I did take a look at the trail cross reference before posting, but I have two problems with it:
1. The trail cross reference doesn't give me any local color on the trails. For instance, I'm interested in which ones have good dispersed campsites, minimal light pollution, low traffic, and various other considerations that come into play when camping.
2. I'm pretty experienced at reading maps and MVUMs, but I'm in the dark on the ones I've been able to find. For instance, Moses Hill is shown on the Trail Cross Reference as being on MVUM #8 (presumably this one) labeled as trails 8035 & 8036. However, those two trail numbers just don't show up on that map as far as I can see.

It's pretty easy for me to determine where it's legal for me to drive, but it would be a shame if I planned out a spot and showed up to find that my intended campsite is next to a busy, graded dirt road. Any practical suggestions would be appreciated!
Ouch!! That's rough. Maybe Black Hills NF isn't the place for a group camping trip, then. :-( If you're ever coming to the Centennial State, make sure you get around to wheeling in San Isabel National Forest!
Propane "campfires" are allowed. There are some great camping areas that are just not located near the trails. There places to camp near the trails they just aren't the most epic camping areas.
Just saw your list of vehicles, are you looking for rock crawling type trails or more scenic "jeepin" trails?
that does open a lot of possibilities! I will see if we can get together with some of the club and come up with some good idea's.
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