Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
Sure there will b man! I would think they would b post n info here soon! I think its usually in august!
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By axleater
The 31st annual DTC will be held over labor day weekend again this year!  The Whispering Pines Campground is once again our location and we will have registrations out in the next two weeks!    

Hope to see you all there!
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By Weasel
Dates are August 29th - September 1st I believe.

Mailed Applications will be out soon, online copies will be out sometime after that. Everything should be up within 2 weeks.

Anything in particular you have questions about?
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By Weasel
Yes - family event, unsure but I'd say not super quickly, and yes.
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By twfuller
We love kids. 5 of my grandsons attended last year.  They had a great time and made friends with other kids.  We had 14 kids on one of the easier runs one day last year.
By CORam
I understand that all vehicles need to be street legal but is there any opportunity during the Dakota Territory Challenge for vehicles that aren't street legal? I received my invitation yesterday and I will be completing my buggy this spring and would really like to get involved but I don't plan on my buggy being street legal any time soon. I stopped by the campground and talked to several people during the DTC a few years ago and was very intrigued. If there aren't any opportunities then what are you guys doing to your buggies to make them street legal?
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By axleater
The street legal part is mostly for insurance purposes. South Dakota is pretty easy. Get it inspected by the highway patrol, get a state issued VIN, get license plates. Insurance gets a little harder to get. A buggie based on an actual vehicle makes it easier. The cow may not look the part but it is licensed and insured as a 1976 IH scout II. I know of other "buggies" that have done something similar to get the insurance.
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By axleater
lets see some pics of this thing!
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