Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
By CORam
The street legal part is mostly for insurance purposes.  South Dakota is pretty easy.  Get it inspected by the highway patrol, get a state issued VIN, get license plates.  Insurance gets a little harder to get.  A buggie based on an actual vehicle makes it easier.  The cow may not look the part but it is licensed and insured as a 1976 IH scout II.  I know of other "buggies" that have done something similar to get the insurance.
Do they require that you have things like a windshield, mirrors, horn, brake lights, etc.?  I live in WY, I will have to call and get an idea of what I need to do here to be legal.

Here it is:
By pizza_boy
got mine plated in 2006... was very easy....had to send some recipts and paperwork to cheyenne...sent some pictures too...and they sent me a # to stamp on the one checked the horn or turn signals or anything like that...think its easy in wyoming
By Wild_Hare
Im not trying to be  [smiley=cheesy.gif] but, on the REG. form, under camping, is the middle pic a class C or pick-up camper? Just want to fill it out correctly. Also is the REG. fee refunded if you do not get in, or canceled? Thank you.

both, they need to know size of rig as they tend to double up campers in some sites.

Registration refunds will be mad
e after the Challenge provided you notify us of your
cancellation prior to
Registrations can be transferred, but you must notify the BH4W's prior to any transfer before
August 15,
Obviously, having insurance on your rig is important as it protects you, us, and John Q public.

The being street legal part is not only a requirement, it is for your peace of mind. There may be an instance during Challenge where you would want or need to drive your rig on road, say to the trailhead, or the gas station. In SD you definitely need headlights, working taillights, and your plate. I have had an inquiry from the local PD when driving my rig around town. I didn't get pulled over, but a friend of mine on the PD was asking if it was me, and did it have fenders. He said the bodysides were questionable if it was another cop, but the rig was definitely cool 8-). Lights and current plate are the most important thing, unless I am forgetting something.   
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By Weasel
If your licensed and registered in the state of WY you will be fine. I'd talk a bit with Pizzaboy as he's already done it for WY.
By pineappletuna
I'm filling out my registration form but I'm not sure who will be my passenger if I just pay for a passenger will I get in trouble or if I have a different passenger than listed

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By Weasel
no, they just have to check in and get a wrist band, leave it blank and we can fill it later.
By pineappletuna
I was wondering how hard it would be to change my camping arrangement I was planing on a tent but now I might have a motor home is there enough space left for me to change this late?
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