Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
By the_wickster
HI there,

We've got a group of 3-4 jeeps planning to make the trip out there for the challenge this year. We'll be bringing the wives and a couple of us will have our kids along too. We plan to send all our registrations together.

I'm really looking forward to trying out some of these trails challenging options are very limited here in WI.

My question/concern is: What are the chances that we won't get in/selected in the lottery? I'm planning on making this a family vacation and doing touristy stuff the week before the challenge. It would suck to make reservations and plans only to find out we won't be able to go wheeling.
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By Weasel
The lottery is only if we get more registrations then the cap limit we have set. That hasn't happened as far as I can remember.

Look forward to seeing you guys!
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By axleater
Unless you are talking about the crawlottery. In which case it is limited to 8 participants. It is definetly not a family type pace however. 3 times the trails in the same amount of time and all of theme are rediculously difficult!

The regular challenge is nothing but pure raw family fun!
By the_wickster
Thanks for the replies. No we aren't planning on doing the crawlottery. (I would like to but no way the wife or kids could tolerate it!)

Glad to hear we shouldn't have any issues. I'm excited to finally get out there. The little bit I've seen of the trails on youtube looks like crazy hard fun! Hope my old school leaf sprung rig can keep up. I'm not too proud to pull cable. ;)
By the_wickster
Thanks for all the replies. Sorry I'm sure this question gets asked every year. We sent in applications for the challenge for 2 jeeps. When and how do we know if we're in? Haven't seen a response yet and our checks haven't been cashed. Just want to make sure we're all good to go as this is a big trip/expense for us.

Oh and just to share here is a video of some of us wheeling at a private WI ORV area that is only open to the public a couple times a year. Mine is the ugly yellow YJ. All of these trails are man made.

Fair warning the soundtrack does have a little language in it.
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