Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
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By Weasel
We had a mix up with the confirmation postcards. I thought they had gone out a couple weeks ago, but we used a different print shop and they were sitting on the order. We got the issue straighten out today and they will be going to the mailing shop tomorrow. Should have them by the end of the week.

PM me your name and I can check my list to verify we got everything.
By the_wickster
Sorry haven't checked in, in a while. Got the confirmation and looking forward to wheeling the hills with you guys.

Any recommendations on trails to do? And maybe a rough idea on the time they take to run? I love technical rock crawling. The family tends to enjoy it more if we keep moving. I rated my joop an 8 on the form but I kinda like to think its a 9. 38s on 60s with lockers winch etc.
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By Weasel
It's typically good to start out 1 level below where you would rate your Jeep just to get a feel for the area and trails. Then bump it up and the last day you can go big if your feeling good. We are trying to organize the trails so you have a full day of wheeling. Leave camp ~8am and get back ~4pm. Doesn't always happen but that is what we shoot for.

Trails is always a toss up. One of the Hal Johns trails would be good; T-Back/Bikini s awesome; Cheerios is a new trail - unsure of how hard it will be yet; Fruity Pebbles is full of rocks. Choices, choices.
By the_wickster
Just wanted to say thanks to the BH4W for a great event. It was well run and all the members were great guides/wheelers. Friday door prizes were great, and Saturday dinner was awesome. (The kids loved the goodie bags especially the silly string). We left Sunday afternoon to make the trip back home a little easier on the kids so we missed the raffle.

We ran Bikini (never made it to T-back), Fruity Pebbles, Got Milk, half of Jake and Cheerios. Lots of fun and good rocks. Next time we come out I'm going to step it up a bit.

Not being a morning person I wasn't a fan of the 6:30am sign up. But I can see that it works well. The only suggestion I would offer is if you get a larger group for T-Back/Bikini maybe splitting them up can get the groups moving better.

My wife did get a pretty cool picture of Riley our tail gunner from Friday I can e-mail him if he wants it.
By rkwrthy
In hindsight, we should have split the group up on Bikini/Tback. It has been run that way in the past with larger groups and 4 trail leaders/gunners.

I sure would like the picture emailed to me.
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