Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
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By jason
As many of you know Greg Mumm and I have been working for years on getting some trails we lost back on the map- and stuff is happening.  We need your help with some positive comments on this situation.  With a lot of legwork (literally) and many meetings we have the opportunity to voice how cool it will be to get back these trails.  U-BOLT, SURPRISE and CHEERIOS

Please go to the LINK and read through it and write a good comment!

This is a good start and with more work and time we will build an even better relationship with the Forest Service to make this trail system better! ... oposal.pdf
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By rats
I only see a phone number for the rock crawler trail additions.
The ""  email address looks like one that our comments would get lost.
Is there a better way to contact them locally? Should we have a unified way to send positive comments?

I know I'm stoked for the new old trails to be opened again. I've seen all of them but haven't had an opportunity to crawl them myself.
How did this come about? Who was responsible for pushing for the trail additions?
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By Weasel
The email address is what Bonnie gave us to send our comment to. As I understand it they go to her.

Our club has always been pushing for trail additions. It doesn't stop. Greg and Jason have been the one's meeting with Bonnie directly however.
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By rats
Then I'll send off an email tonight. Thanks to everyone involved with keeping a positive dialog open with the forest service.
I sure hope these trails open up. I know I've missed out on some of the more epic trails before the mass closures.
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By rats
Email sent.
Thank you for everyones work, especially to Greg and Jason.
Keep it up guys. Hopefully we'll see your hard work pay off soon.
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