Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
Obviously I am still getting used to the trails. My problem is I follow someone out there usually, and get turned around pretty easy. I would know how to get to Full Monkey on my own, but that is about it. We just ran Iceman, and I can get to Nemo and the dirt road to get to Iceman, but probably couldn't remember where to go to park the trailer, let alone get to the trail.

Does someone have the trails mapped out WITH NAMES? Even just the trail #'s would help so I could look on the map. And I understand this shouldn't be public knowledge so PM me if you want.

Thanks. Just trying to get these down since I am an aspiring gunner!
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By Stevsie
Underground trail map. I'm jealous. Guess i better step up and join finially :P
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By twfuller
No map. The map is the official FS map. This just cross references our names to trail numbers.

You are right you need to step up and join. This is just one of the per ques.
By Combatman
I visit the black hills regularly (live in Sioux Falls) but I'm just joining because I finally got a 4x4 (1996 tacoma 3.4). I was wondering if I could get this list as well? I can't find the members only section, but this would be very helpful for my upcoming trip out there!
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By twfuller
No. There is nothing on the trail list that a stock Tacoma should even think about running alone. Watch the forum and join one of our intro runs or come out for the Challenge and we will show you the trails you should run. We are trying to have an intro run this Sat but the FS may not open the trails. If not we will do the intro run in the next few weeks. If you really want to try it on your own get the color maps from the FS web site and avoid the black Rock crawling trails. You should do fine on the rest of the trails. BTW welcome to the forum. Most of the guys aren't as grumpy as me. Actually I am not that grumpy, I just don't want someone to get in trouble.
By Combatman
Ah I wasn't planning on doing anything too crazy. Are there any certain trails that are more scenic than others that aren't the black rock crawling ones? I downloaded the maps and the PDF map app
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