Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
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By axleater
i should take a look at the map and see how it is set up. are all the rock crawling trails in black regardless of trail rating?

Most people find it very frustrating to try and find the trails on their own out here. The unfortunate result of a strict following to the tread lightly rules.

I would also like some info on scenic trails as I get a lot of people asking about easier trails. This weekends run sounds like a nice slice of the less difficult part of our trail system.
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By Weasel
Combatman wrote:Ah I wasn't planning on doing anything too crazy. Are there any certain trails that are more scenic than others that aren't the black rock crawling ones? I downloaded the maps and the PDF map app
Just pick any of the Forest Service roads that are open. As for scenic that's sorta hard to say as there are so many roads. A couple that are cool are in the Badlands area. The backroad on the Badlands loop is neat. Just a gravel road and sheeps mountain is another cool on the is further to the west a bit. It's a unimproved road but a cool one.

And yes all the rock trails are one color.
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By twfuller
Some Scenic trails I like are
Bulldog Canyon FS road 139 which goes from behind the National Cemetery over to Vanocker Canyon Rd.
Piedmont Fire Trail TR 8144 goes from Piedmont to Nemo
TR 8277 north of Steamboat Rock picnic area
TR 6306,6307 which goes from FS 448 to Bogus Jim Rd

Show up for the Intro run May 31. We will be running some of the easier stuff in the Camp 5 area.

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By Combatman
Thank you for the info, that should be quite helpful!

Also I'd really love to join for that meet, but we can't leave Sioux Falls till the 31st, so there is no way we could make it by 9am
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By axleater
that is a nice list Terry, I need to add some off these to my list.
By cdawall
The list of trail numbers vs trail names is on here I just plotted the color map with the android app listed on the forest service page. Took about 20 minutes to get everything mapped out pretty simple actually.
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