Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
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By twfuller
When the FS opens up for input it is very important that we provide input. Individuals who use the Railroad Buttes area need to respond. In addition I would coordinate a response from BH 4 Wheelers. Please give me your thoughts. Bitching and Whining won't work but telling them how they have screwed up might. Give me all you have to offer and I will put it together. If I don't get at least 20 responses to this post I will think Farmingdale is not important to us.
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By BrangerII
Sure would be nice if they had a location posted for this meeting.

I am planning to go, but my thoughts are that the law enforcement is rude and is not even knowledgeable about what the rules are. The new offroad area is so small that it packs everyone into one area, congesting the traffic there and making it dangerous for everyone. The signage is terrible, the boundaries of the OHV area are misleading. The new camping rule is ridiculous, you can camp anywhere in the hills but not on the prairie? Then there's the obvious, the whole point of Farmingdale was the terrain, most of which is now off limits - why even bother "improving" the area if it's not fun to go there?

Their improvement plan is extra stupid. A "tot lot", toilets, picnic tables? Why not build a hotel, water park and casino too? Farmingdale is fine the way it was. I'm really curious why they are so eager to add the new stuff now?

You're right, bitching and whining won't help, but these people work for US, they are paid with OUR tax dollars and they seem to be forgetting that.
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By Weasel
Pretty much what Brett said. I'm getting tired of comments as well but thats the process. >:(
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By twfuller
The meeting is at the Ramkota from noon till 8:00 It would be good if a number of club members could attend, possibly at the same time. The last meeting I went to on Railroad Buttes the ranchers outnumbered the OHV users 3 to 1. Lets turn out in numbers and tell them what our issues are. It is also important to write comments since they do go over them.

This info is on the FS web site: ... RDB5428012
By pineappletuna
Yeah I don't know th area but if it is like the parks in Wyoming they need to save there resources for opening more areas not adding designated camp sites and picknic tables that you have to reserve to camp in it was much better just left alone
By cdawall
I wouldn't mind if they reopened some areas for free wheeling and free camping out in the back section.

I don't think putting in picnic tables and stuff would end well. They would unluckily probably just get destroyed. People have no respect. :-/
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By axleater
i suggest they take the funds for "improvements" and use it to reopen the area to a true OHV area. what they have done to it now has completely taken away from virtually any recreational sustainability.
By Ryan283
I'm going to try like hell to get back from ND in time to go to this meeting.

I can only hope/assume that all other member in/around RC will go and voice their concerns.
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By twfuller
Time to stop bitching and show up for the meeting. Everyone who can possibly make it get your b--- to the meeting and speak up.

It is also important that we submit written comments and I have received NOTHING since my initial post. I don't know how to motivate this group.
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