Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
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By twfuller
You only need the large color maps 1-4 since they are the same resolution as the 8.5x11 maps 5-18 and you can move around and zoom in. Actually all of our trails are on maps 2&3
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By Weasel
Ah well I didn't know they have large color maps, I did the smaller ones. They download quick but entering the web address for the several section i downloaded was annoying.
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By Weasel
maybe I should have just downloaded them to my phone then added them? Anyways I entered the web address and the app downloaded them no problem.

Seem to work well.
By cdawall
I actually just downloaded them on the computer and copied them to the pdfmap folder on my phone took like two seconds and allowed me to use a real keyboard which is oh so much nicer.

I am going to try and snag a copy of the original .apk so I can throw it on the tablet. It has a 2048x1536 res screen so high res maps look rather nice on it.


Got it working on the tablet download through the method 2 link on this page make sure you have "install 3rd party apps from sd card" enabled in settings and you are good to go. Here are the HD color maps for anyone who wants them.
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By axleater
got the app no problem, struggled to get the maps onto the app but it seems like they are now in the app which is neat. how you view them is still yet to be determined, i may need to borrow the mind of a 5th grader to help me figure this one out.
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By axleater
oh man! somehow all i have is black and white but through absolutely no fault of my own it is working......and cool......really cool. like i need a flat screen monitor to put in the cow and hook up to my phone cool.

Next up, forest gump and i are going for the color maps!!!!
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