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By sicbronconut
A short comment period for Choke Cherry canyon in Farmington NM please help with some comments. Hi all. As you know the Farmington BLM has released their decision regarding The Glade (Chokecherry Canyon), posted on our FB page last week. Comments need to be in by Thursday, Feb 20th. Comments can be sent to:

BLM Farmington Field Office
Attn: Janelle Alleman...
6251 College Blvd., Ste. A
Farmington, NM 87402

(Please include GRRA R&TMP in the subject line)

The Cliffhangers have drafted some recommended language that touches on the points they feel are most critical. I have attached a copy below for your review. I would recomend you paraphrase and put your response into your own words so that it doesn't look like a form letter mass mailing from the clubs.

From what I can tell, the BLM has taken all stakeholders into account and rendered a fair decision, but one that I'm sure doesn't give everyone everything they desire. Let's help the Cliffhangers keep The Glade rockin'! ... ublic.html
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By axleater
yep, if you can give us a start i will send it!
By sicbronconut
Sorry thought I had added the sample letter.

Comments ca...n be sent to:

BLM Farmington Field Office
Attn: Janelle Alleman
6251 College Blvd., Ste. A
Farmington, NM 87402

(Please include GRRA R&TMP in the subject line)

Mr. Torres,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your dedication to Chokecherry Canyon and Glade Run Recreational Area. I cherish this land and realize that the purpose of your work on this project is to defend the area for future generations. I myself have [Children/Grandchildren], and therefor our concerns are aligned.

I have been four wheeling in Chokecherry Canyon since [year]. I am a steward of our land. I also enjoy [hiking/biking/dirtbiking/exploring] Chokecherry. I pack out more than I pack in. I attend trash clean-ups in the Canyon. My main concerns with any Alternate Plan for Chokecherry Canyon are the Open Area and The Cliffhangers Four Wheel Drive Club inventory of trails in both the Limited Use Area and the Open Area.

The Trail Inventory was provided by Cliffhangers to the BLM, EMS, and the Sheriff's Office. The purpose of the inventory is to guide drivers to existing trails. The reason they shared the Inventory with BLM is so trails wouldn't be closed. Obviously the Inventory was given to the Sheriff's Office and EMS for rescue purposes. They had also set up three landing zones for such purposes. BLM needs to identify and accept the Trail Inventory and the Landing Zones.

Some of the trails on the East side of the Open Area are difficult to navigate at this point without ending up in someone's back yard. I don't feel that the loss of Open Area on the East side is a severe forfeiture. I do feel that any continuation to the West would be completely unwarranted. The Open Area draws users from around the world to Farmington to recreate. I feel that the depletion of the Open Area would not only be dissatisfactory for our User Group, but also would not be favorable for the local economy. What remains of the Open Area must be kept intact.

It appears that you have selected Alternate A as your “Preferred Alternate”. The following is my position: I am agreeable with Alternate A as long as my above mention concerns (Recognition of Trail Inventory and Protection of Remaining Open Area) are met.

I have a few recommendations. The open area and limited use area should be marked clearly with signs for identification and explanation. The kiosk at the entrance should have maps and clear directions and regulations. There should be a sign at the entrances listing fines for dumping and other destructive activities. I know this is not in your power, but we would like to see a transfer station set up at the entrance. I recommend a remote RV area North of Brown Springs. I recommend game camera use for common dump sites. I recommend two trash clean-ups a year.

I would like to offer my help. I am willing to assist BLM in the trash clean-ups. I will assist in Trail Identification. I will mark trailheads and paint trail directions on rocks as is done in Moab. This decreases new trail creation and trail widening.

As you can see, I am seeking a win-win partnership with BLM. I look forward to working with you in the future.

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By twfuller
Here is what I sent:

BLM personnel

As an avid 4 wheeler and OHV enthusiast from SD I would like to comment on this project.

I have read some of the material being submitted by the Cliffhangers and I am in total agreement with what they are saying.

My experience with helping define the Motor vehicle use plan for the Black Hills National Forest has shown us that closing down too many trails only leads to over use of the trails that are left open. By leaving as many trails as possible open you will spread out the use and reduce the overall impact on the trails.

I am anxious to the results of this project and hope to get to NM and wheel this area with some of the locals in the near future.

Best regards

Terry Fuller
4729 Edgewood Dr.
Rapid City, SD 57702
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