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By jimjamn92
So everybody has those quick tip tricks. id like to here some about quick fixes on the trail. say you bust a hole in your gas tank. was out a few weekends ago and my buddy hit his gas tank and creased it. it started leaking and a few of the guys that were with said i have a bar of soap. " a bar of soap?!?!" i said to myself. your crazy. sure enough they have fixed there stuff a time or few with a bar of soap. soo im looking to hear some other peoples quick fix to get home trail remedies for future add ons in my tool box. a bar of soap is already in there for the next trip. lets here them or stories of fixes!
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By axleater
best fixes are always being prepared. obviously in this case a skid plate for the gas tank is better than a bar of soap!

I always try to plan for what can i fix. also depends on the trail. If you have lockouts, bring a spare drive slug. if you have stock shafts and joints, make sure they are good before you go and take along spares. if you have stock drivelines not a bad idea to take a spare.

for the just in case stuff i try to have stop leak, duct tape, zippy ties, roll of electrical wire, butt connectors, 40 amp mega fuse, brake fluid, ps fluid, transmission fluid, water for radiator, fuel pump along with the tools needed to take off whatever i plan on replacing.

For the most part, spare parts stay in the tow truck and the small items go with the rig.

one of the best stories i was a part of is using a stick, a nail, and some speaker wire to create an electro magnet to remove a broken inner axle on the front of a jeep. sometimes it helps to go wheeling with mechanical engineers.

Honestly for the last few years I haven't really seen that much easily repaired breakage on the trail. For me this year started out with a dana 60 steering knuckle, something that i have been planning on upgrading for a long time and now just need to do it. broke the bolts off a front drive slug because i haven't been doing a good job of bolt check before runs. broke the female side of the slip yoke off the front driveshaft because it has been 2 inches too short for years now. Honestly if I had taken the time to upgrade a couple of known problems and just done a thorough bolt check before runs i would have not had any breakage this year.
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By axleater
Nice, seems like fuel tanks are making the top of the list.
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By axleater
i always carry ready rod with me, we once had to make a u bolt to get a jeep off the trail and it actually worked!
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