For planning wheeling trips and photos
By Three
My brother and I are driving our jeeps from the east coast and plan on doing some 4 wheeling in late July.
I've done some research. Know that we need a permit.
We booked our campgrounds in the area already.

We are both in yjs on 37s.
Reasonably stock drivetrain wise aside from some of the typical upgrades.

Any info or tips would be great.
Will be in the black hills for 3 1/2 days.
Would like to wheel at least 2 days.

Trail suggestions.
Anything else cool to see that we wouldn't know about otherwise.
My wife and dad will be with us as well.
None of us drink or party.
Appreciate any help.

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By axleater
depends what kind of trails you are looking for. If you are driving them out then probably not super tough stuff. There are a number of different lower rated trails and others with bypasses that would be perfect for you. where are you staying?
By Three
Staying at the KOA in deadwood.

We don't wanna destroy our stuff at all. But we do normally 4 wheel rocks. We are not into mashing the gas though.

Not looking for buggy trails but a step below that with some bypasses should be fine.
And as far as I can tell from my research there is a good variety in the area if we wanted harder or easier.

Unless I'm reading wrong.

Thanks for responding.
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By axleater
Camp 5, iceman, jake, got milk would all be good choices. Download the Avenza map app and the get the forest service maps. Use our trail name cross reference chart found in the land use section to locate trails on the map!
By Three
We made it here.
Its the night of the 24th.
Going to do some 4 wheeling tomorrow.
Supposed to rain in the afternoon and night.
Hoping to 4 wheel again the next day as well.

If anyone is interested in showing us around at all we would appreciate any help anyone can give.

Pretty short notice , but I figured I would give it a shot.

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By axleater
unable to get out do to work but give me a call if you need some directions.


By Three
We ran Hal johns the other day.
Decided to do that first because it seemed easiest to find and I wasn't really sure how to use the Avenza map.
Trail was awesome. We used some bypasses for some of the big obstacles.
Next day we ran the beginning of fruity pebbles and decided to stop short. Just looked like more than we wanted to get into.
We went and found got milk.
Didn't know which was the beginning and end on the map.
We went down first. Then came up.

Really different terrain across the forest from the first day.

Then last night we heard some noises in my brothers front end.
Pulled the cover. Looks like his pinion has a couple chips off it.
Seems like the pinion has some excess play too.

We are just deciding what our plan is right now.
We were going to hit iceman today and then drive to Yellowstone tomorrow.

If anyone has any info on who would be a good shop or person to call for some help with the front end we would appreciate it big time.

It's a high pinion 30. 94 yj. 4.10 gears.

My number is 5709773743

Please text or call as well as posting here if you've got any info.

Also thanks for all the help with the trails. The map app works great. My wife navigated for us while we drove. Was pretty easy. Well kept trails. Well marked.
Awesome place.
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