For planning wheeling trips and photos
By Garret
A few friends and I are trying to plan a jeep trip out in the hills over a weekend (leave Mitchell Thursday after work and off-road Friday and Saturday). We would appreciate any help with what trails and where we can off-road at, and even a campsite that close to some trails. I have an 04 TJ with a 4.25" lift and 33s, 4.56 gears, loaded up wth poison spyder. My friend has a new willys with under 5000 miles so he does not want to go through anything too crazy to damage his jeep. And there may be 2 side by sides (maverick 1000 and wildcat) coming as well. Any help would be appreciated helping us get in the right direction, thank you!
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By twfuller
What weekend are you looking at? The best possible choice would be Labor Day since that is when we run the Dakota Territory Challenge. This is a 3 day event with trails for every level each day. If not that weekend let us know when you are coming and we will figure something out .
By Garret
We are still trying to decide a weekend, in the summer though. I go back college in August.
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By axleater
side by sides and jeeps on the same trail really limit the choices as a jeep won't fit on a side by side trail and a sideby side won't make it through a jeep trail! There are some good spots that both can play on.
camp 5 road- side by sides and your jeeps will be limited to the road but still totally fun
calamity canyon- perfect
piedmont fire trail - fun and good for stockish jeeps and side by sides
By Garret
So far we have decided on camp 5 road. As go the weekend, we are trying to see if the July 8th weekend will work. If that doesn't, then we will have to wait until August. We haven't looked to much into Calamity Canyon, which would be better?
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By Garret
Do we need to purchase a type of trail pass to go on the camp 5 road rock trail or calamity canyon? Or is it open to all?
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By axleater
Yep, any trail open in the freest service needs a trail sticker to run .
By Garret
How much does a 2 day pass cost? And I'm having a tough time trying to find the location of Calamity Canyon on google earth. I found camp 5 road's rock trail which looks awesome.
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By axleater
download the forest service maps, sooooo easy to use and can be used as a GPS if it is on your phone or tablet.

calamity canyon is a leg off camp 5 to goes to the galena road.

not sure on 2 day permit cost, check the forest service page for prices. ... RDB5203036
By Garret
We are planning on coming out this upcoming summer. We found that an annual pass is just under $30. So far, we have not figured out a general date to try to come out. It's difficult with everyone's work schedule. Is there a certain date we should be trying to come out? It would be 2 jeeps and a wildcat side by side.
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