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By Coltron
It's that great time of year again and I was fortunate enough to be volunteered to lead a fall colors run :-D

I did a little scouting the last couple weekends and think I've found some fun and colorful areas to see. This will be a good day of dirt, some pavement and 2 tracks. We will take a few less traveled trails so some Sodak pinstripes may be possible by the end of the day but I wouldn't be to worried about it. There are some neat things to see where we will need to walk 100-150ish yards up a hill, this won't be required by anyone but it'll be worth it for those who do! This run will be great for any level of wheeler and any 4WD vehicle that has clearance of a stock Jeep.

***Meeting Place - 3 Forks Gas Station ( The gas station between Hill City & Sheridan Lake / Hwy 385 x Hwy 16)

***Meeting Date and Time - Sunday Oct. 2nd at 8:00 AM ( I will leave at 8:30 on the dot, this will give everyone time to get fuel, food, water and minimal chit chat. So if you're late please call someone and we can meet you somewhere along the way....maybe. Just don't be late, haha )

***Requirements - 4x4 (My daughters awd jeep grand cherokee can do it just fine but I wouldn't take a awd Subaru or van)
A current trail sticker/ OHV from the BH forest service ( You will need this for the trails we will be on)
A full tank of gas ( Pre-run was around 100 or so miles for me and we don't pass a gas station once we start)
A smile and good attitude, this day should be fun!

***Things you may want - Camera, Lunch, Water, CB's, Good Hiking Shoes, Hoodie or Jacket, Tools, Spare Tire, Umbrella, etc.

It will take most of the day and I've tried to keep us on as much dirt road as possible. Feel free to post up if you can make it or have any questions. It'll also help with a head count, thanks!

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By axleater
Go to the forest service office or the visitors center by cabella's
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By Coltron
Just a reminder, if you are going to be at the fall colors run, please, please let me know by posting on THIS specific post or via text if you have my number. I won't be able to monitor other posts on the forum apart from this one stating if someone is going or not. Thanks in advance!
By sl1ck01
Trying to get the Ramcharger ready, if it is I will be there as well as a friend of mine with a 4door rubi.
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