talk about general wheeling tech(i.e wheels, axles,tires also for tech articals )
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By axleater
Pre-made switch panel?
Pre made Fuse box with wiring ?
Start from scratch and go one off custom?

Price is of course a concern but ease of install and ability to easily add later are the most important.

Who has tried what?
By Lonny
Good topic Brad as I am researching and planning for the Snow Wolf. It mostly depends on how much you want to spend. There are companies that build kits with the fuses relays and switches all together. The cheapest that I've seen are about $500. Weasel helped me figure some stuff out and I think I'm going to have a power distribution block and wire the relays to that, then switches to the relays. I'm not very knowledgeable on electroval stuff, so I'm trying to figure out where to put fuses. I've looked at all sorts of switches. Plain, with lights, fuses, and both.I think lights would be handy so you know if your fans are working or not. I'm not sure if fuses on the switch would be very beneficial, because it would just be low amps to run the relay.
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By axleater
ordered up a 6 switch panel from the 12 volt guy
12 volt.jpg
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By Weasel
Thats a good set up Brad. $500 seems high but I've never added up all my stuff. Just buy it all in pieces here and there.
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By axleater
$140 shipped
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By Weasel
some other stuff I've found: ... 1835098358 ... 15718111_7

I buy my stuff from various places:
Waytek, Delcity, Mouser - all online vendors, very good prices and usually have everything you could need. The first 2 are easier to navigate then Mouser but if you have a part number they can have good prices as well.

High Amp stuff should be run through a relay, low amp stuff can be ran through a switch. Most switches can handle up to 20 amps pretty easily.

There are a couple way to wire things up as well. You can put the switch on the power side, this is the most common way. Or you can put the switch on the ground side. The nice thing about the ground side is if there is a short, the accessory will turn on. And it will let you know if there is a issue as the fan or pump or light will be on.
By sicbronconut
Anybody need some battery cable sized wiring? I have a box full I was going to bring out to Jason's place sometime, I could also drag it along to the meeting next week.
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By axleater
how long? my nieghbor was just looking for 25' long jumper cables yesterday!
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