talk about general wheeling tech(i.e wheels, axles,tires also for tech articals )
By adamK1500
Some of you may remember the 1984 mazda b2000 i got a few years back. Since the death of my sierra i've been using it as my daily driver. One thing led to another and it now has a weber carb on it.

I got the new carb installed hooked everything up and it fired right up with a much smoother idle and better sounding exhaust (no more popping). I pushed all of my tools into the garage after giving the truck a little gas a few times and turning the idle up a bit. when i was getting in to take it around the block it stalled out. I tried to restart it with no luck.

So it ran for about two minutes perfectly and died and wouldn't restart. My fuel pump puts out between 2.5 and 4.5 psi and the carb calls for a maximum of 2.5 psi. I've got a fuel pressure regulator on the way but i'm not convinced that is my only problem. Does anyone have experience with any of these symptoms?
By adamK1500
It's got gas, i pulled the line off of the carb and its coming out fine.

I pumped some into a jar and there was a film floating on top of the gas. My first thought was water, but that should be sitting on the bottom. Maybe some contaminant in the jar...
It doesn't try to start now, i haven't pulled the plugs yet so maybe its still flooded.
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By axleater
What was the carb off of? They are known to run a little rich out of the box in most cases, is it possible it is running really rich?
By adamK1500
The carb is a kit from It's possible that its running rich, it just hard to tell since i can't get it started again. The most confusing part to me is that it ran great for the first two minutes and then completely quit.
By adamK1500
I've got spark and compression, but i definitely have something in my gas.
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By adamK1500
Sorry about the huge picutes,

I did a small burn test on the stuff in the cup and found out the majority of the liquid was water...
That thin film on top is the gas. I think i found my problem :roll:

I drained the tank, tomorrow I'm gonna put some seafoam and fresh gas in, and see what happens.
Is there anything special i need to do to clear the contaminated gas out of the lines/carb?
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By axleater
Pull your plugs and coil wire and crank it over till gas comes through.
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