talk about general wheeling tech(i.e wheels, axles,tires also for tech articals )
By adamK1500
Nothing comes out of either of the rear cylinders. I do get fluid straight out of the cylinder though
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By axleater
and maybe crack the lines, bleeders may be plugged up
By adamK1500
From what i can tell, the line is blocked between the Master cylinder and the driver rear wheel cylinder. I'm gonna get some brake line from a mechanic friend of mine and see if that fixes anything.
By sicbronconut
Is there a flex hose for the rear axle that could be plugged up, if you need any steel line or fittings I have a bunch at my house but's it's all standard not metric.
By adamK1500
No flex hoses in the rear. And thanks for the offer, but i live in Sioux Falls. Probably wont make it to rapid any time soon unfortunately...
By adamK1500
I started pulling apart lines today and came across a few weird things. I disconected the rear line right before the rubber line and pumped the brakes a few time and a tiny bit of fluid would come out each time i pressed the pedal. I'm not sure if it was enough fluid to activate the brakes, but something came out...
I also tried to get fluid out of the rear passenger bleeder after disconnecting the line. and it didn't seem like enough came out to clear the lines.

For reference the brake line comes from the master cylinder to just above the rear axle turns into a soft line down to the axle then goes to the rear driver side wheel cylinder. then the line goes straight from the driver side wheel cylinder to the passenger side wheel cylinder. The brake line never "T's" off like most I've seen, so you can only bleed the brakes from the passenger side.

This all makes me think the line is clogged somewhere between the beginning of the soft line and the driver side wheel cylinder.

Hopefully this makes sense, it's kind of a jumbled mess but i wanted to be thorough.. thanks for the help
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