Discussion about kicking it out of low range.
so heres some pictures from the car show in case you didnt make it to it. and this is the current apperence of the truck. the out side is done other then the visor-with built in spray bar for windsheild.

Bronco in the spot light!
some more pics
Race Bronco and the Door, Overhead Door Company just installed this month. Crazy they put me next to it, thought it was neat.

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By Stevsie
I dig it. Whos runner in the background?

I got a picture sent to me saying how some little chick from up here had won it in a raffle. Kept me going for awhile and then i was told she was kidding. ....Good thing she didn't. ....thats all i can say. 8-)
truck update! engine removed along with the trans and t case. dropped the front end and started water proofing the engine bay. rebuild the ttb front end and new seals, bearings spindles brakes and lock out hubs. engine is at the machine shop and tranny has been gone thru and new torque converter. t case will be opened up and inspected and then we will be getting engine assembled and the truck back together. first race is MAY 18TH. Hermosa. race starts at noon. the time is ticking away.
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By axleater
you sir are an animal [smiley=beer.gif]

last weekend brought a mud racer to a 1/8th mile drag strip. people b hatin and sheet but i roled and got some shack down runs in and wrigglesworth got the truck tuned in to leave the line like a bat out of hel, and i even got to go side by side to my dads new mustang drag car. i lost but its a stock bronco to a 71mustang with a 429, expected. i havent been there in years then like now i still hate the enviroment!!! i was looking up noses all f-ing day, jerks- thats why i like four wheeling, u guys make my weird personality fit in and dont make me feel uncomfortable. anyways that is the past and its now OVER!!

brought the sore pony home after beating it up all day and put it in the stable, or shop, and made the list to wrap it up and go get it dirty. it is now sat night a week before the race and all i need is gas, ready to go play. a little crazy to have a full size and burning rubber in high range. put the boggers back on it and made some lumber ramps to drive over the fenders on the trailor so i dont have to change the tires. also got a water tank and pressure pump and pressure washer to wash the beast between runs, keep the weight off and make it so i can hopefully go faster round 2. faster time gets the w.

just got confermation that my mom from wisconsin and aunt from colorado are coming up for the race! now that i got expectations i am feeling nervous, haha they dont even know what there are getting into. dont get board and i started laughing when i was asked by my smart aunt if they have wifi at the race track?.? um sure ? didnt want to be mean over the phone, rather do it in person, then i could see the reaction on their face when i say it to them.

well here it is and i cant wait to go play, it has been a long time building and displaying and talking about it and now its time to finally get some, for the ones that dont know, its saturday may 18th in hermosa. race starts at noon. ten bills to watch. 25 bills to enter.

time for a clean joke: i took a bath with bubbles


dirty joke: bubbles was the girl next door!

haha lame but had to share, i dont know when to keep my mouth shut. [smiley=tongue.gif]
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