Discussion about kicking it out of low range.
not smart enough to edit, peel your eyes off the crack and watch the truck, jeez.

Next race June 1st Black Hills Speedway mud drags side by side starts at 2pm c u there!!
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By Stevsie
I hate to be that guy, but is that a mud flap in the middle of the front bumper? Im sure its iether an illusion or is a fully functional piece of equipment. Explain?
yes it is a mud flap. has a purpose. i was using it to take the impact of the mud and water so it didnt end up in the engine compartment, i have the bottom of frame lined with plastic but being the first time out i didnt want to risk it. that style truck has a twin traction beam (ttb) front end or what i like to call it, a plow. hehe just taking extra procations so the truck doesnt fail, it was so muddy you cant even read it. its from inland truck parts, anyways it wont be on for the side by side drags, dont need it for those. asking questions is fine, i dont mind answering them. [smiley=bath.gif]
That's awesome dude! Looks like a good time, that's wat got me into wheeling! I had a 79 K5 blazer I redid! It had a 4" lift an 35" super swampers 14.5 wide! It was a fun rig but I got more into rocks an of was huge for that! I'll try find somepics!!! ;D
well made it through a whole season. WOW. doing some research on lift kits. did you know that the ttb ford front end is a very respected front end in the go fast world. hhmmmm. something to think about. the plan for the rig this winter is simple. finish the roll cage. I did a bunch of rewiring on the truck this year and all that's left is the stuff to run it. I want to build a center console and dash and make the shifter a floor shift setup. I will also change the column and steering wheel to a quick disconnect. I will gut the doors and tailgate also. add window nets to the doors for safety and possibly change gear ratio, not sure on that yet. I will be redoing the water proofing under the truck to help easy removal for washing at the track, quarter turn fasteners will be the goal. I will try to get some pics up how it looks now at the end of season, I removed the grille during the year and took out the dash.

have a good rest of the summer folks

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By Stevsie
As long as there will be sweet jumps and mexican booby traps, i'd be so in. [smiley=laugh.gif]

I'd find and build a turbo yota specificly for this.
um yeah that's why we say you need to start baja/mud racing!!!  ;)

hat is how the Edgemont run was, got to red light in third gear and caught some AIR.
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By axleater
As long as there will be sweet jumps and mexican booby traps, i'd be so in.  [smiley=laugh.gif]

I'd find and build a turbo yota specificly for this.

I would love to have a turbo 4.8 gen III in my 4 runner!
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By Stevsie
Doesnt the motor have to be the stock one unless you want to run pro mod?
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